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 **All cores also available in type-c, note in order!** 

These prices are ONLY valid for build a sabers, when you have one of each component to create a full hilt. Blades are optional.

**The entire order may be canceled if appropriate parts are not in cart!!!**

If you want to buy a core WITHOUT building a saber, you need a standalone core.

Baselit electronics will use a standard blade, pixel electronics can only use a pixel blade.

Stunt Length: 7.5"

4 Font Length7.5"

RGB-X Length7.5"

Double Ended RGB-x Length8.62"

Xeno Length7.5"

Xeno Deluxe Length7.5"

GHV3 Length7.5"

Proffie Length7.5"

Double Ended Proffie Length:  8.62"

Crossblade Proffie Length7.5"

Crossblade RGB-x Length7.5"

For a quick explanation of the various core types, click HERE.

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