Electronics UPGRADE

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This is an ADD ON item only, to alter the saber in your cart WITH the upgrades. If you buy just the upgrade, without also buying an eligible saber, your order will be canceled.

If you need to buy the core BY ITSELF, click HERE.


*Almost any VHC compatible saber can be upgraded! The standard base lit electronics are included in each saber, and custom build, but this page allows you to upgrade! Simply select the basic saber or custom build you want, and add the desired electronics upgrade! If you have ANY questions about this, PLEASE don't hesitate to message us!

If no upgrade is selected, the base lit RGB-x electronics will be installed by default.

RGB-X Smooth Ecoswing - this is by far our best eco board. 9 sound fonts, plus Ecoswing. Please note, vibration unfortunately cannot be added to this board right now.

Proffie V2.2 Pixel - this genuine proffie can be changed and reprogrammed to add different sound fonts and effects to it, but it comes loaded already with over 20 presets! There is a bit of a learning curve with proffie, so we strongly advise that you not tamper with it unless you are confident that you can do it. There are plenty of resources within the saber community and on youtube to help with this, however, altering the files and configs can cause your saber to not work if done incorrectly. PLEASE be sure to back up all of your SD card files before attempting to make any changes. You will also find a copy of your sabers config files on the SD card, should you need to return the saber to it's default options from us. This option includes only electronics, you will need to make sure you either have a pixel blade or add one to the cart HERE.


*Cross style sabers cannot currently upgrade electronics.

*NOTE* The color of the chassis and button LED is random, and may not be the color shown in this picture.

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