Reaver's Arsenal Font Pack

Reaver's Arsenal Font Pack

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Font demo HERE

Available for download, but if you purchase the font pack AND a proffie core or saber at the same time, we will config your board for this pack, unless you specify not to! The original LGT/ Vire soundfonts and config will STILL BE INCLUDED on your SD card, so you can swap back and forth between configs if you know how to use arduino!

This pack includes 20 new fonts fresh from REAVER'S ARSENAL !

Acolyte's Wrath
Cracked Ego
Water Bending
Earth Bending
Fire Bending
Get Schwifty (some adult language, font can be removed upon request)
Hero of the Wild
Mara Emperor's Hand
Mara Jade Skywalker
Mithrandir (You shall not pass!!!)
Nano Gauntlet
Ninth Sister
Pong Krell
Terentatek Slayer
The Betrayed
The Redeemed
Time Stone
Uru Gauntlet

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