Saber Locking Case

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Unfortunately, we can't ship these in the same order with a blade. Shipping would be unproportionally expensive to use a box big enough for the case, and long enough for the blade, so it's best to order/ship blades seperately. If you accidentally order a case AND blade, we will have to refund you for the blade, and send the rest of the order.

The inside foam is random, and may need to be reworked to fit your needs. These cases come to us packed full of sabers and parts from our supplier to save on shipping cost, so the foam will most likely not appear new.

Comfortably fits two hilts up to 11" long. (11.5" if you remove the accessory foam on the right side.

The words on the box can be removed with acetone (Nail polish remover) if you don't want it. Just be careful!


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