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Operation Instructions at bottom of description!!!

CHARGE ONLY WITH 5V 1A charging block!!!

**Pre-Owned sabers will come with a 3 month warranty on electronics!!!**

These are used sabers! There will be signs of wear and use, but we test them for functionality before shipping!

These are not the best sabers in the world, but decent for a first saber, or an extra saber to loan to a friend! There are a few things to know before purchasing one of these. The hilt parts themselves are technically Variable Hilt Component compatible, however for some reason, the button section is totally unique, and therefore this hilt does NOT accept a standard LGT/ Nexus core.

The Loaner will come with generic color changing baselit electronics. These non standard cores have very basic functionality. It has 12 unchangeable soundfonts built in. It has crude swing sounds. It HAS gesture controls, but for some reason, one of the gestures enabled is swing OFF, so swinging the blade will turn it off. This gets even more confusing, because they mixed up the voice lines for "motion controls OFF" and "motion controls ON", meaning they actually do the opposite. It's best to just leave motion controls off.

Also included is a standard (2mm) polycarbonate blade, a charging cable, and blade retention screws(wrench)! Everything you need to begin dueling, right out of the box!

You can turn two sabers into a staff, by removing the pommel from one saber, and screwing the exposed male threads into the bottom of the pommel on the other.


Press and hold button for 3 to 5 seconds to wake saber, and put it in STANDBY MODE If it's not waking, try charging.


Tap button quickly to activate blade. Hold button for 4 flashes to turn blade off, and go back into standby 

Hold Button for ONE FLASH, changes volume

Hold Button for TWO FLASHES, changes blade style. (Steady, pulse, unstable

Hold button for THREE FLASHES, motion controls. You'll want these off, most likely, because leaving them enabled, means your saber will power off when you swing the saber. Keep in mind the voice lines got mixed, so...

MOTION CONTROL ON - means they are off

MOTION CONTROL OFF - means they are on

Hold button for FOUR FLASHES, flash on clash on/off. These also seem to be backwards.

Hold button for FIVE FLASHES, change to next sound font.

Blade Active Mode

Quickly tap button once, blaster block

Hold button for ONE FLASH, blade lockup mode. Tap button to stop this.

Hold button for TWO FLASHES, saber will begin color shifting. Tap button when it's on the color you want.

Hold button for THREE FLASHES, enter color jumping. Jumps to solid colors, tap to select color you want.

Hold button for FOUR FLASHES blade will shutoff, and enter standby mode. If you CONTINUE to hold button down for an additional 10 seconds, the button LED will shut off, indicating the saber has entered deep sleep mode.


If the saber seems buggy, or isn't working properly, removing the grip, and pulling the battery out will usually reset it.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!

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