Warranty & Return and Cancellation Policy

Order Cancellation Policy

We will only be able to refund 95% of your purchase price for cancellations. Our payment processor charges us a fee for every order placed. Unfortunately, they do not refund us for this fee if an order is cancelled.

To compensate, we must withhold 5% of the value of your placed order when issuing a refund due to cancellations, or returns.

Returns may be subject to a restocking fee.

Return Policy

We offer returns for 14 days from the time of delivery. There will be a 7% service charge / restock fee. Shipping from the order(s) are non refundable and you cover shipping costs back to us. Anything you wish to return must be in new condition to receive a full refund.**We CANNOT do full refunds of custom work (ex. Drill & Tap items, Custom cut blades, etc.)!

Warranty Policy

Electronics and Pixel Blades purchased from us come with a standard manufacturers warranty of (12) months from the date of delivery, but return shipping will only be covered by us until (7) days after delivery. 

You'll be required to provide your Order# (VS#0000) AND for saber cores a photo of the ID# on your core to use our warranty, warranties are non-transferrable.

Our warranty covers:
- Hardware defects

Our warranty does not cover:
- Dueling damage
- Blatant misuse
- Failure to comply with instructions
- After-market damage of any kind
- Cores from other vendors

If your electronics are faulty and you need to remove them to send to us, click HERE for instructions.

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns with anything you have purchased from us at service@viresabers.com.