Saber Builder

Welcome to the Vire Sabers Builder. We use Saber Studio Variable Hilt Components (VHC) to create easily customizable sabers! Click on a piece of the saber to select the VHC part you would like. Add your desired segment to the cart, and then select the next piece. Once the entire saber is lit up, you are ready to checkout! All orders that have an Emitter, Switch, Grip, and Pommel will automatically include RGB-X Saber Studio Electronics with smooth ecoswing, a charging cable, and instructions, but don't forget to add a blade if you need one!

One of our team members will assemble your saber and send it out to you within a few days from the time you order!

For more info, check out our How to Build page

Optional Electronics Upgrade Specialty VHC Optional Saber Accessories Blade Emitter Switch Grip Pommel