Yes! All of our sabers have RGB (Red, Green & Blue) and every color in between capabilities!

All of our sabers have sounds EXCEPT for the "stunt" sabers.
The sabers do however have a mute option. All of the sabers have soundfonts. In the Proffie and Xeno sabers, you can add to the soundfonts yourself.

For baselit sabers you will need a standard blade. With any of our Pixel sabers you will need a Pixel blade. A standard grade blade has 2mm thick walls. These are the most common type. They are well suited to swinging, spinning and moderate dueling. Heavy grade blades have 3mm thick walls. These can withstand a lot of force. Heavy grade blades are intended to be used with the proper protective gear. They are not recommended for casual dueling.We typically recommend a standard 32" blade for most sabers.

The hilt refers to the handle of the saber. Typically consisting of an Emitter, a Switch, a Grip and a Pommel.

Yes! All of our blades are removable and are "attached" to the hilt with retention (grub) screws (m4).

This depends on the hilt, but most are made from aircraft grade aluminum. All blades are polycarbonate. A very tough plastic, which is able to take a beating. Some small parts of our sabers are made from various other elements.

Many of the hilts are duel worthy. We do not suggest dueling with our Proffie, Xenopixel or GHv3 installed sabers. Why? We feel that these boards and the pixel blades are not suited for a heavy impact situation. These have more breakable components. Our baselit sabers are better suited for dueling. The blades do not have LED's, and can easily handle an impact.DO NOT duel with thin neck sabers. It is a weak point for most sabers, and in general, the blade does not sit in deep enough to allow the blade to be properly secured. We always advise proper safety equipment!! Head, hand, chest, arm and leg pads in any dueling scenario as they have the ability to cause serious bodily harm if not handled properly.


With Expedited Shipping we'll ensure we give your order priority over standard priced orders, no matter the time of order placed. Your order is also shipped with the fastest shipping option available, using the additional expedited shipping funds. Examples being, UPS Ground or USPS Priority.

We do not dropship. Everything you see on our website is physically in our workshop, located in the (Midwest) USA. Unless otherwise stated.

Vire Sabers is a husband wife owned company. We are very small, but mighty. We are known for our fast shipping times. We typically ship orders out within 24-48 hours of purchase, unless otherwise stated. Holidays and weekend purchases do add a little bit of time, so do be aware when you place your order. You will receive a tracking number to the provided email once your order ships.

We do ship outside of the US. However, you are responsible for any taxes, customs, import fees or duties that your country may require.Each country is different, we do not know what fees will come up. Please be aware before you purchase. It is your responsibility to find out what your country is going to charge you. All fees are non-refundable.

Customers are ultimately responsible for their packages security. We will not refund or replace items once delivered by carrier. If you want an item to be signed for (by an adult) at delivery please select "Want signature verification for your order?" next to the comments section at checkout. 

Maybe! If you have already received a "shipping notification" from us, unfortunately we will not combine the orders. If they are close enough together and we haven't already started your order we will try to combine them, and use the extra funds for faster shipping.


Yes, our Electronics and Pixel Blades come with a standard manufacturers warranty of 12 months from the date of delivery! This warranty covers hardware defects only and does not cover after-market damage of any kind. Dueling damage is not covered. The warranty does NOT cover instances of blatant misuse, or failure to comply with instructions, such as using a charger other than the cable provided, with a power source of 5v 2A or less.Please reach out if you have questions or concerns with anything you have purchased from us.

Warranties arenottransferable, meaning the warranty stays with the original purchaser and cannot transfer to another owner. The warranty will then be voided, with or without the order number.

When you contact us, you will need to provide your order number. (Example, VS#0000) If you do not have your order number, you cannot claim a warranty.We may ask for a photo or video of the problem, to better assist you. We will then try our best to troubleshoot in regards to the warranty. If the problem is still occurring we will have you send your product back to us and we will take a look.

If it is within 14 days of delivery, we will provide a return label upon request. Anythingafter the first 14 days, you are responsible for covering shipping costs.


The standard core is 7.5" The double core is 8.6"


No matter what your saber is doing, first try this.
Pull the battery out of your core, this will reset it. Reinsert the battery and give a full charge. Once fully charged, unplug your core and test it out.
This tends to take care of a lot of the most common problems.

The cable could be bad. You may just need a new cable if you've exhausted all other options. Luckily we do sell them HERE!

There are a few reasons this could be happening.
The charging block could be bad. Try using a different 5V 1 or 2A charging block. Smart chargers tend to not work, because they rely on communication from your smartphone, in order to determine the output needed. Since the sabers do not communicate back, they often just wont send power through the cable. DO NOT use a block/ power source that is more than 5v. Just because a plug fits does NOT mean that it wont fry your board! We do sell compatable blocks on our site.
The battery tabs could be compressed, preventing a good connection. We actually have a video on this! Found here.
The charging circuit in the board could be fried. This is not an easy to fix issue. If your board is indeed fried, it will need replaced immediately.
The battery itself could be bad. It may be time to get a new battery.
Unfortunately batteries do have a limited lifespan and will need replaced at some point. Our batteries are 18650.

Returns and Exchanges

We will only be able to refund 95% of your purchase price for cancellations. Our payment processor charges us a fee for every order placed. Unfortunately, they do not refund us for this fee if an order is cancelled.

To compensate, we must withhold 5% of the value of your placed order when issuing a refund due to cancellations, or returns.

Returns may be subject to a restocking fee.

We offer returns for 14 days from the time of delivery. There will be a service charge / restock fee of 7% . Shipping from the order(s) are non refundable and you cover shipping costs back to us. Anything you wish to return must be in new condition to receive a full refund.

**We CANNOT do full refunds of custom work (ex. Drill & Tap items, Custom cut blades, etc.)!

We do not offer exchanges at this time.


We are located in the United States, specifically the Midwest.
Everything that ships from us comes from here.
We inspect, test, assemble, polish, wrap and pack everything ourselves!

We do our best to keep up on our inventory. Since we stock everything and we do not dropship, unfortunately, our inventory does sometimes go out of stock.
We are aware when this happens, and more often than not when you see something out of stock, it is already on it's way to us to replenish.
We do offer "in stock notifications". When you sign up for that, you will get an email sent to you immediately after we put that item back in stock.

We can try! Send us a message and we will do our best to order it and get it on our next shipment from our supplier!

We partner with LGT, who manufactures the majority of the products we sell. Many of the parts on our site ARE designed (or co-designed) by us.
We do inspect, test, assemble, polish, wrap and pack everything ourselves!

Placing items in your cart will not "hold" the item(s) for you.
We highly suggest buying now if you see something you want.
Items get discontinued often enough that we cannot promise anything on our next shipment.

We currently are working out of our home. We do NOT allow customers to pick up their orders. We are hoping this changes in the near future!

VHC - Saber Building

VHC is short for Variable Hilt Components. It is LGTs proprietary thread system.

Yes! We always assemble everything (sometimes the blade is left off) before shipping. This helps keep parts from getting damaged in transit, and protects the core as well. If you want to assemble your saber yourself, please leave a note at checkout, and we will happily send it unassembled!

In the descriptions! We personally took the time ourselves to measure every single piece (PHEW!) by hand, and put the length of each part in the descriptions.

Building a custom Vire Saber is easy! Simply go to the Saber Builder, select a VHC (Variable Hilt Components) segment of the saber that you wish to start with, decide which piece you want, then add it to the cart. Return to the builder page, or simply click on one of the buttons displayed in the cart that are not green to be taken to the next section and repeat the process again. You will also need to select your electronics! Blades are optional. Baselit uses standard blades, Pixel must use pixel blades. Once the entire saber is lit up, you are ready to check out! From the cart page, you will be able to get a preview of all of the pieces in their proper order.