Saber Studio Electronics Operation Instructions

When you first receive your Saber Studio Electronics, be sure to charge fully using the provided USB cable, and a power supply with an output no more than 5V, 2 amps. The wrong charger can cause damage to your electronics, or even injury!

When you plug in your saber, the button above the charging port should begin to glow. When your saber is fully charged, it will stop glowing.

*If you drop your saber, it may cut the power for safety. It should be able to power back on by pressing and holding the button. If it does not, try plugging it into the charger to reset the electronics. If this does not work, feel free to message us, for further assistance.

We are constantly making improvements to the soundboards and adding new features, so some electronic kits may not have all of the following options, or may differ slightly.

To wake from deep sleep, press and hold the button until the switch lights up, entering standby mode

With the saber in standby mode, (not in deep sleep, but not ignited)

- Press and hold the button for 1 flash/ second, then release, changes sound volume, loud sound, soft sound, mute

- Press and hold the button for 2 flashes/ seconds, then release, changes the flicker effect. Stable (no flicker) ,unstable (rapid flicker), pulse (slow flicker) *for some models, the flicker effect is paired with a specific sound font*

-Press and hold the button for 3 flashes/ seconds, then release, changes to the next sound font

-Press until the saber goes into deep sleep. This will take several seconds! The saber will also go into deep sleep after 10 minutes in standby mode

-Tap the button once while in standby mode to ignite the saber

With the saber ignited:

- Single tap the button, saber flashes white, and makes a blaster deflection sound effect

- Press and hold button for 1 flash/ second, release, then tap again, the saber will enter lock up mode. The blade will rapidly flash white and a lockup sound effect will play until the button is pressed again

- Press and hold for 2 flashes/ seconds, release, then press and hold again. While holding the button, the saber will cycle thru different colors. When you have reached your desired color, let go. Press and hold to resume color cycle, or tap once to lock in color. For newer models, you press and hold for 2 flashes, release, and the saber will begin to cycle thru colors automatically! Tap the button on your desired color to lock it in!

- Press and hold for 3 flashes/ seconds, saber will go back into standby mode. If you continue to hold the button for several more seconds, it will go back into deep sleep mode to save power