Viremas 2023

Get ready for Viremas 2023! 😁

Once you are registered, you are automatically entered into every drawing for all of Viremas. 

Daily winners will be announced below!

Please note, we will pay to ship the prize to United States addresses only! If you are international, you may still enter, but you will be responsible for shipping costs and import fees.

You can only win once in the first 24 days. The final prize will be open to everyone, including previous winners.

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Here are our winners so far!

If you are on the winner list below, claim your prize by emailing us from the email account you used to register for the giveaway!

Day 1. $50 Giftcard - Cherry Gates

Day 2. - Youngling Saber - Merysa Rios

Day 3. -  Pop! R2 & 3PO -Alastair Flanagan

Day 4. -  SW logo light - MattChuey David Bricker

Day 5. -  2 pack Vire rechargeable flashlights - Anthony Albano

Day 6. -  Survivor Work Build Mat - Matthew Peoples

Day 7. -  Grogu ch-ch-ch-Chia - Carl Baber III

Day 8. -  $75 Giftcard- Justin Neeley

Day 9. - SW Action Figure Set -  Scott Bunker

Day 10. - R2-D2 4D model -Tyler Dahn

Day 11. - 2 pack Vire playmats - Cody Tipton

Day 12. - Youngling saber - Stephen Orazi

Day 13. -  mystery box saber - Tyler Spence

Day 14. - Ronin saber scabbard - Erin Daniels

Day 15. Tethan Props Sting Blade - Jason Combs

Day 16. Kyber Supply Shirt - Cameron Cather

Day 17. $35 Vire Sabers giftcard - TJ Freeman

Day 18. Vader puzzle - Benjamin Leslie

Day 19. Hotwheels Tie Fighter - Scott Pannebaker

Day 20. Youngling Duel Pack - Richard Brookins

Day 21. Droid Stamps sheet - Austin Detmer

Day 22. Vire Merch Bundle - Nicholas Kahriman

Day 23. $100 Vire Sabers giftcard - Davis Jensen

Day 24. Perseverence Saber - Stephen Ames

Day 25. Djarin Saber - Brianna Ketchum