Female to Male VHC Thread Stealth Adapter

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Total length added to hilt, 0", USUALLY. These VHC threads are 14mm long. TYPICAL VHC depth is 7mm, making a perfect union of MOST female parts together. However, there are some VHC parts that have a slightly more shallow female thread, meaning there will be a gap between pieces. You can fill this space with an O-ring, if you like. If you absolutely MUST have it flush, pm us and I will see what can be done! This is a new, experimental piece, so I haven't worked out the bugs for EVERY scenario yet. Please bear with me!

If the part gets stuck inside, you can use an Allen wrench inside the holes to give you leverage to twist it out! Just be careful, the threads can be sharp!

If you have any questions feel free to message us on the Vire Sabers Facebook page or email. 

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