Inverted - Xeno3 - Pixel - Specialty Core

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Currently, these chassis are resin 3D printed, making them a lot more fragile than our typical cores. Nexus is currently working on a more sturdy version, and I will update this listing once we have them.

Recommended for ADVANCED VHC users only!

An upside down Xeno3 pixel core, with included SD card. Be mindful of the VHC flow when using parts upside down, making sure male and female ends link together properly.

For build reference, the core sticks out from the bottom .6", and 4.6" from the top on a Rook switch, so make sure you use appropriate length parts to give enough room for the speaker when adding a pommel, and leave enough room at the top for at LEAST an inch of blade depth.


Font list:

Preloaded 16
1.The Chosen
2.New Horizon
3.The Dark Sword
4.The Assassin
5.The Knight
7.The Protector
8.The Dark Empress
9.The Son
10.The Third Hunter
11.The Master
12.The Dark Lord Order
13.Fallen Apprentice Magenta
14.The Princess
15.Double Agent
16.Truly Lost

SD Card
18.The Senate
21.The Count
22.Codex of Light
23.Cyber Terror
24.Dark Ages
28.The Champion
29.The Dark Lord Revisited
30.The Learner
31.The Second
32.The Teacher
33.Whispers of Power
34.Moon Field

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