USB-C to Round Port Adapter

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For installation video, CLICK HERE!

unfortunately, new style type C button pcbs do not have holes to add standoffs, however they DO have a quick connection. you can order a quick connect round port pcb with standoffs HERE.

This handy little kit will allow you to use your USB-C core in a traditional round port saber, WITHOUT having all that dead space. If your switch segment has the traditional 4 front holes, you will also need the risers, because the type C cores do not have them. We will send tiny screws to attach the risers, and also front screws. You will likely need to use these new front screws, because the longer standard ones will bottom out before they have a chance to pull the switch assembly up to the surface.

On the round hole switches that do NOT have the two small holes, but rather push from the back, you do NOT need the standoffs.

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