VHC Curve

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These are definitely SPECIAL pieces, and will require you to have advanced knowledge of VHC to use them.

Total length added to hilt, ~1.4"

You will most likely need a pack or two of Timing Shims to line them up exactly how you want.

They can usually go between a grip and pommel easily. If you want it somewhere else, such as between a switch and emitter, it will require cutting the chassis to aim the LED with the curve of the saber. Depending on how busy we are, Tyler may be able to help with such modifications if you message us on our Facebook page for custom work.

Above, I have shown an EXAMPLE of how it can potentially be used, in hopes this will inspire you to do something similar, or better. Here, I have carefully sawed off the top par of the chassis, exposing the LED unit. I then added the VHC Curve, then I used a plastic 1" adapter sleeve over the LED heat sink. This allowed me to use a VHC band to anchor the LED in place with a set screw. I was lucky, and only needed a few timing shims to line it up, but you potentially could need a few packs worth.

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