Xeno3-RGB - Baselit - Standard Core

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This core can be used in your Variable Hilt Component build-a-saber or purchased as a standalone core for use in LGT / Nexus lightsabers. The default recharge port is Type C, but we can do round port.

Baselit electronics will use a standard blade.

This core has 16 built in soundfonts, but you can add an SD card to get 18 more! It is recommended to get the SD card from us, as it will have the necessary config files for your Xeno3 core to read it. You can easily change blade colors, and bladestyles for each font. There is also a bluetooth enabled mobile app, search for Xeno Configurator in your app store. The Xeno configurator app can be used to make changes to your saber, and update firmware. 

Comes with an 18650 Rechargeable battery, charging cable, 5V 1A USB Charging Block (when available, United States customers only), screw kit, and instruction manual.

Standard Core Length7.5"

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