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Posted by Tyler Babcock on

Hello, and welcome to the inauguration day of Vire Sabers, this has been an idea of mine for a long while now, me and my colleagues have been creating a workflow that will bring you the sabers and accessories you need with the least amount of frustration and cost.

This blog will be used to send you updates and announcements, and maybe even a few sales in the future, we want to be there for you every step of your exploration through the saber craft, we hope you find the art of sabers and the process of building one as interesting as we do!

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  • I just recently have been getting involved in light sabers and learned that I would much rather build something of my own design then buy a replica. I love that you carry so many more items than most stores and look forward to creating more original designs with your help.

    Bill on
  • congratulations on the new site! Looking great so far, akready bookmarked it and plsn to be back shopping!

    Shawn Riddle on
  • Congratulations on this new venture!

    As a recent customer, I can vouch for their commitment to saber building, fast shipping, and most important of all, customer service. Very happy with my sabers.

    My questions were answered quickly, the saber was put together to see what the finished product would look like prior to purchase, and shipped sooner than expected. It took 7 days from being ordered to arrival. And during a pandemic, no less!

    Thanks again!

    Carlos J. Quiles Torres, M.D. on
  • Congratulations on your new site! Looks good! Love the saber builder :)

    Paul on

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